Holy Nap! The Suricate Saga

I love them!

Months flow quickly and the sun starts to hit.. and we all know how tiring could be a sunny day!

This picture gives a good idea of the deep sleep that grabs and knocks yourself out.

And.. what’s better than a nice belly-up break? Maybe under a nice shade!

Suricates are the witnesses.


These puppies have a certain harmony with the sun, definitely due to their origin (South Africa) and the physical peculiarities Mother Nature gave to them. 

The extraordinary sight allows them to fix the sun without batting an eyelid. They can also distinguish quickly flying shapes in the sky, as predators.

These animals are so funny, both when they stand up like little men and when they move due to the front legs slightly longer than the rear ones.

They live in small groups and everyone, in turn, has the duty to be a “sentinel“ to protect the nests. They monitor the area for any intruder standing up on the rear legs while the tail helps them to stay balanced.

They often are noticed in the desert, where the temperature can reach 54°C or more.

Now you can understand the reason of this heavy sleep!

And as Mason Cooley wrote..

“When you can’t figure out what to do,
it’s time for a nap!”

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