Grey Squirrels

I was just wondering: weren’t bats to like being upside down?

Because strolling through Birmingham parks it is not so unusual to find squirrels firmly attached to trunks with their muzzle pointed down, as in photo.

It is strange, at least for me, to meet more squirrels than cats around the city.

Squirrels are curious and sometimes funny animals who loves walnuts, peanuts, mushrooms and fruit.


Surely, the funniest period is when you see them at work during the months of supplies.

In parks, you see groups of squirrels sifting every centimeter of land to find something appetizing to hide for “dry” periods.

You may wonder.. where do they hide food?

Here the fun part comes: these little creatures, once unearthed an acorn or a nut, secure it in their teeth and start to dig holes.

The funny thing is that if a squirrel approaches one that is digging, the second one will start to run in a zigzag to misdirect the first one, then it will quickly dig a hole and cover it with leaves and twigs.

They dig everywhere so, you may think: “how will they find their food again once hidden?”.

When the moment to find supplies hidden in the ground arrives, a treasure hunt begins!

Squirrels smell the ground trying to remember where the exact point was when months before they hid the food.


Probably it is the suggestion of the moment, but some squirrels seem really paunchy after the annual feast.

Sometimes a park looks desert, but strolling through it you could hear a noise similar to a rumble.. these are my friends that from the top of trees send warning signals for a potential danger (should this be me?).

Squirrels, live peaceful days, I love animals, if I approach you is just to offer a peanut!

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