Warwick Castle

An amazing experience!

I have always found charming the histories of dame and knights, court life, medieval rumors, minstrels, Merlin and King Arthur… a day, surfing on the web, I discovered this enchanted place in a town called Warwick of the same name of the castle. This castle is located in the Warwickshire county. I immediately thought that this adventure would have been evocative.


The castle has been built on the Avon river and is splendidly entirely preserved; you can completely dive in the court life, starting from the Victorian apartments to the bastions and towers, a really impressive adventure that I strongly recommend!

I remember my astonished expression when the gates opened: a minstrel jumped hither and thither, a storyteller at the top of his voice, with such a great enthusiasm, told a legend hung to the front gate of the castle, an archer made demonstration of his mastery with bow and arrows..a well accurately reproduced view to leave open-mouthed.

The staff was dressed for the occasion, it seemed to be returned back in time, medieval games, medieval adventures, medieval legends… a daydream!


From the top of the castle you can enjoy a panoramic breath-taking view, in a side the Avon river overlooks the view and in the other side the open land, the thriving nature makes background to a surreal atmosphere: such a magic!  

Strolling to the castle along the narrow spiral staircases and the undergrounds rich of folklore and typicality, you can reach the highest tower and having a view like this.

I suggest for an instant to close your eyes and leave yourself get carried away by the wind.. in your ears you’ll listen the life that flow underneath yourself between laughter and screams and it’ll seem to fly where the wind blow..  IMG_3689logo

One of the first things that captured my attention was the “trebuchet”, the medieval equivalent of the catapult of our days. “Wow” I said.. if I have to think that with this tool the fireballs were launched over the castle’s walls.. wow!

The surprise was to see this catapult actioned with real fireballs!

During the day, there are a lot of evocative performances, the adults will have the chance to return children and the children to live an atmosphere of other times, feel themselves part of something special like during the performance of “The Sword in the Stone”.

A selected child will become King Arthur for one day and everyone will have to bow and applaud.. well, yes, applaud to King Arthur when he will succeed to extract the sword from the stone.   

One more time, a falconry performance will catch the attention of adults and children. Aquilalogo

Vultures and eagles will alternate to hunt preys that the falconer will place in different sides of the ground. Majestic predatory that will fly from a side to another of the castle over the head’s audience enchanted from this mastery.

We usually associate the eagle with the medieval symbolism of “light and force” and I have to admit that this symbolism really fit to them; a majestic fly, an elegance and an accurate precision, an opening wing that seems covering the sun when it flies over your gaze, a curved beak, the powerful legs and feet.. you will be fascinated from a sense of predominance and incredible awareness.

I’d like to end the post with a wonderful quote, in association with the eagle above:

“Gives to those who love: wings to fly,
roots to return and reasons to stay.”

Dalai Lama, Our need of love, 2009.

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