The Flowers Eloquence

Floriology, a word in and itself romantic.

Perhaps not everyone knows the real meaning of it, or rather, we practically apply this “strange” concept ignoring it.

The floriology is the language of flowers. A classic example?

When we choose the more suitable colour of a rose to donate for a particular situation.

Now, everybody knows that a red rose is synonymous of passion, white of purity and yellow of jealousy. Fiore-viola-petalosologo

Unconsciously, we know how to express our feelings with flowers, maybe we just ignore the origin of this behaviour.

But, it is never too late to give a peek here and there to enrich the puzzle of our knowledge.

The idea to associate a certain meaning to each flower grew with arrogance in 1800, when it was probably not permitted to express every feeling in words.

Combining a meaning to a flower or a plant facilitated the communication of “veiled” and partially hidden feelings carried in people heart.

Romanticism also originated at the beginning of 1800, maybe the associations between flower colour-intrinsic meaning were results of these romantic ideas?!

Flowers are wonderful, if we zoom on their features, we discover their inner world, the one we miss by a brief and superficial analysis.


Sometimes, capturing a field of flowers in the distance could seem already wonderful.

But, if we get closer to this colour spot, touching the flowers and activating our senses.. don’t you think we become more human?

The sight will be filled with colours and nuances, the olfaction will be delighted by the sweet scent, the touch will be softened by the freshness and delicacy, the hearing will catch the rustle of our fingertips on those golden petals.. and the taste? It will be delighted to not have been stopped at the appearances.

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