Street Art in Glasgow

It is called street art…I call it offbeat art with a noble soul.

Improves walls and indefinite spaces, left to the wild, forgotten.

Some people may think they smudge walls, I think they give a soul to the wall itself…changing point of views, perspective.

Glasgow, beautiful city laid on the Clyde river, the biggest Scotland’s city, recognised as commercial, economical and cultural place, represents also a meeting point for street artists.


Looking for a car park, I looked up and an autumnal shiver caressed my skin…mushrooms, acorns, pine cones, deer, foxes, squirrels…I felt like I was in another dimension.

A simple wall in a car park festively painted, evergreen show during the year. Everything is so alive in those spaces drawn by the artists.

Artists sometimes not well known, as showing their work on walls instead of art galleries. 

Strolling through the city centre, another magnificent artwork appeared in front of me. Such a realistic and compassionate spirit caresses this man’s face…for a while a I am breathless, so real, so tangible.

That blue-grey metallic light that brightens his face and hands, a pet gently resting on his forefinger warms my heart.

Prominent nose, flushed by the cold, slightly curled hair, wrinkles of a lived life .. so much beauty painted on such a flawed wall. 

I keep walking, this seems only the prelude to an unexpected trip. 

Another wall abandoned, occasion for a touch of art.

Rappers moved by wires, like puppets.Murales-Glasgow-Manichinilogo

Accurately painted.. big golden chains hung to the neck, thick glasses, soft coveralls and “street” caps to complete the look. 

A pleasure for the eyes and a touch of humanity for the heart. 

Thank you “strangers” that every day, donate your soul.

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