Ode to the Nature

How many wonderful creatures of the nature exist in this world..

I will start saying: I don’t have green fingers and I don’t know qualities of flowers, I’m just a simple admirer of floral manifestations of the nature.

I trust the flowers of these shots, live of an extraordinary gleam.

What fascinates me about these “creatures” is the garden in which they were immortalized: the Orangerie garden in Darmstadt, “City of Science” in southern Germany.

A green lush garden, well cared but without great pretensions. This garden was the frame of the Orangerie, the real protagonist of the scene.

A little curiosity about the name “Orangerie”. It was a building very similar to a greenhouse, located in the residential grounds of noteworthy land owners of the 17th -18th centuries.

The Orangerie welcomed huge tubs where citrus trees passed the winter. From the orange tree comes the name Orangerie.


When I was there, the building was under refurbishment, what a pity! However I have been equally lucky because when I strolled through the garden in front of it, I noticed the beauties that this cold green space was preserving.

A warm color, a deep lilac, an unusual color contrasting with that cold morning. That sweet lilac appearing between some plants here and there caught my attention. Probably if I just walked through the garden I wouldn’t have noticed anything.

Can I give my suggestion? Pay attention to everything around us because also a gloomy day can save a wonderful final.

These flowers are smiles of nature, smiles for us.

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