“My” Forest

Blessed who can walk frequently through the forest.. the peaceful and “perfection” sense pervading it is indescribable.

Thousand of colours, smells of a new rising day, insects, and animals grazing around you without fear.. and fruits spacing out the path or hiding in the undergrowth.Enjoy few hours away from daily routine and “material” connections is so good for our soul.

Strolling through the woods, you realize how everything is already perfect, without the necessity to alter any feature by human hand.

This year I decided to celebrate my special day in “my” woods, the ones I spent my childhoods with, the ones making me feel at “home” and sending me back in time.

These places are magical for me, places where I return young in a moment, even closing my eyes and letting associate to my mind perfumes with memories. 20150628_080621logo

Few steps along the old route and in front of me the first meeting of the day: a group of cows resting on the lawns next to their calves, such a sweetness! In the meanwhile, the sun was rising behind the mountains, radiating of an immense light the entire valley.

The sun warmed the atmosphere up and a smell of wildflowers scattered here and there began to reach our nostrils.. plants of all types and sizes and wild strawberries coloured these delicious perfumes.

I would spend few words on wild strawberries because, since long time ago, I didn’t enjoy such an intense and unconditional flavour like that.

I perceived as a great nature’s gift these red dots populating the sides of the path. Thanks. 

At the top of the path, in Colle Peschiera 1149m, the descent on the opposite side of the forest began.. I won’t disclose anything in advance, I will bring you again on this path in the next posts.


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