Hidden Sights

Travelling the world looking for beauty, then turn the corner and.. find it, close to you.  

Frequently, I asked to myself which inspiration pervades the photograph’s eyes before the fateful “click”.  

What makes special a certain perspective, light, laying..what makes the difference? Mother nature gave me the answer.  

The beauty of a picture is a consequence of our own perceptions, sensitivities.. have a look for example, at this instant.. it is “perfect” in its simplicity.  

A common “country way,” radiated by sun and caught in a proper perspective, results as an author painting, signed by nature.  

I find this photo so evocative, it surrounds my imagination, rejoins memories.. this is the beauty of a shot: honour to the photographer.  

Another picture that warms my imagination is this one..

These are memorials to the Second World War centenary. 


In this occasion, the photographer, who was able to capture the warm light of the sunset mixed with the natural beauty of the place, made the park close to home, something special.  

These huge “leaves” can be found in the War Memorial Park in Coventry, the England’s green heart.   

This park was created to commemorate the residents fell during the Second World War; nowadays it is a delightful meeting point.  

The nature, queen in time and space, gives us free inimitable shows.  

The photographer’s sensitivity plays an essential role in capturing the moment, lucky those who can admire such a beauty and has a big heart to share unforgettable memories.  

Thanks to you.

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