Elephant Mural

So extraordinary to deserve a post all its own!

I took a picture of this mural in Lyon, European capital of mural paintings and the third largest city in France.

I had just captured an amazing panoramic view from the Croix Rousse (at the highest point of 254 meters) then, descending along the famous “traboules”, the typical Lyon alleyways that allow an alternative and direct access to the city from different junctions, I saw in a very common wall, this beautiful mural.

Being at a few inches from this kind of murals was for me a great privilege; you have the chance to enjoy in first person a “communication” different from the conventional methods, unique.

Sometimes pictures don’t do justice to the work and this is an obvious example; in person, the color that “drips” from each nuance seems as real as just painted.

This huge elephant had a motion so palpable that even if few minutes later he moved a meter ahead, nobody would not have paid attention to it.

No, I am not crazy, nor do secret of my admiration for all forms of art, but this huge giant seems has to move at any moment. Great realism for the author of this mural.


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