Dolomites, a “Made in Italy” Heritage

What does the nature mean to me? It’s the free expression of the planet, a gift we got that we should look after.

Today, with a bit of melancholy, I’m going to show some wonderful shoots of amazing snowy mountains..we are in Trentino Alto Adige, precisely at Plan de Corones.

This natural paradise emits an irresistible charm, and even if the man has interrupted a part of this pure magic, you can just turn your eyes to understand the majestic immensity of mother nature.

Snowy peaks of a disarming beauty, so pure, so impressive. In truth, the nature does not need many words, it speaks for itself, it surprises us every time.

It’s a faithful friend from our birth, when we open our eyes for the first time, it already exists.. IMG_2355logo

A bit for vice, a bit for necessity, man has built villages, ski resorts, accommodation facilities and more, trying to approach the natural delirium to his hand, so human and so recognizable. 

At an altitude of 1500 m or more, the air you breathe does not seem real, it’s so thin, pure, of a biting freshness that paralyzes faces not well covered.

I remember my red cheeks when I climbed down the mountains, red due to the brisk air.

A breeze that comes back vivid to my memories every time I think about it. I love Trentino Alto Adige, food is great, people friendly and the view is gorgeous.

Waking up in the morning, with the sun rising behind the mountains ready to irradiate the landscape, is something that fills our hearts with good intentions.

If we add the good life, the mix is perfect. I invite all those loving the nature to spend some time in these “perfect” peaks.

In 2009 the Dolomites have been included in the World Heritage List by the Executive Board of UNESCO.

Beautiful in every season, these mountains remind us every day how lucky we are to have jewelry like these, of a naturalistic importance recognized all over the world.


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