Bristol Street Art

I have always had a huge respect for whichever kind of art, in any shape. I remember the day I passed in Bristol and the amazing outskirt streets full of graffiti.

Pretty medieval town, one of the most populated in United Kingdom, Bristol is located in the south west part of the island and is developed around the Avon river.

Even if Bristol is mainly remembered for its ancients maritime trades and merchant ships, it can boast plenty colored resources, the thousand of colors that you can admire along the “Bristol Street Art”. murales4logo

Bristol represents a perfect fusion between a medieval town and a cutting edge city, it offers a wide panorama that can satisfy tastes and needs of each type of traveler.

Today I’d like to focus the attention to the creative and modern part of the city, the part in which majestic and evocative graffiti stand out and garnish entire walls of buildings and alleys.

I had the occasion to find myself in front of real masterpieces that for my personal point of view are not too much acknowledged.

I’d like to offer a little sample of the graffiti I appreciated, but of course the pictures published are just a little part of all the graffiti of the “Street Art” that you will enjoy walking through Bristol.

Certainly, because I am just an amateur of the art, I am not allowed to give judgments and probably even if I was a real art critic my good heart would have stopped me to give cynical judgment.

I admire everything that arises from an intuition, from a clear drawing of a mind or simply from a more or less shiny heart of a character.

Oscar Wilde one day wrote: “There are two ways to not appreciate the art. The first is to not appreciate it. The second is appreciate it with rationality”.

I approve it.


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