The Suricates Village

I admit it: I have a weakness for these cute creatures, I find their daily “postures” so amusing that I would publish a post every week with Suricates theme!  

I’ve already had the opportunity to introduce a bit of their story, but the knowledge is limitless so, today I am going to write a bit more about “them”.  

The hierarchical organization in suricates villages is very important, I’ll briefly illustrate some relevant characters.  

The Queen: each group has one. Its duties? Hunting and social life coordination of the group. Since it is very busy, it struggles to follow all its puppies. At this purpose, the “nanny” plays an important role.  

The nanny: helps with mother’s duties and takes care of the puppies making them playing and protecting in case of forthcoming danger.


The sentinel: straight on their legs inspects the horizon with its keen eyes, trying to see any danger. 

This figure is extremely important, each has to guarantee a period of careful guard of the group. At the end of each turn, another adult suricate takes over. 

The warriors: in case the sentinel announces a danger, the team of warriors will descend into the field.  

The interesting thing is that in a first instance, when a danger is incoming, the warriors will rise up on both their hind legs ruffling the hair, just to invite the intruders to give up. If the intruders are firm in their intentions, a physical fight will start between the two groups.  

Meerkats are peaceful mammals living the village hierarchy in a serious and respectful way. 

They love the sun and every free moment becomes a profitable opportunity to tan, following sometimes with a holy nap, maybe a bit “twisted” as in the picture.  

These little creatures are really funny and when I see them, I always remember the “famous” Timon in “The Lion King” cartoon, projecting me in their magical story.

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