The Mongoose

If you bump into his little eyes, you immediately realize that you have in front of you a cunning creature.

Huge, round, yellowish, two polished ambers that quickly, overviewed the situation, wisely take action.

Mongoose, Asia native but also found in Africa, is a versatile mammal, still strongly present today.

His appearance suggests from the first glance, strong ability to adapt and survival capacity.

In fact, this little creature with variable weight (a few ounces up to 5 kg), has an elongated snout, small ears almost hidden into the fur, short legs, slender and tapered body.

The paws have five toes fitted with long, sharp claws, useful for digging holes, climb trees and quickly catching a prey leaving not much hope to escape.

Their fur can have different colours, depending on which geographical area they live, switching from classic brown to some fancy striped colours with ringed tail; nowadays, there are still 34 species of this animal.

Favourite diet? Small insects, worms, invertebrates, reptiles, rodents, insects, but also fresh fruit and seeds.

The mongoose is a fearless animal, it seems that attacks animals like cobra and similar without any fear and with strong determination (despite the obvious less physical predisposition).


Besides fearless instinct, mongooses are also equipped with a remarkable intelligence; when, for example, they manage to get close to bird eggs, they use their front paws to push hard eggs against a solid surface, to break the shell and arrive quickly to food.

These little creatures with bizarre characteristic, inhabit our planet since a long time, the Egyptians hieroglyphics dated 2800 years ago can prove it.

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