Royal Swan and Ducks

So much beauty in the “simple” scene I present today.

Bright sunshine, crystal clear water and freedom. atmosphere.

Where are we? We are at Geneva Lake, in the amazing Switzerland.

This lake has a unique beauty that I will describe in future posts. Today, I would like to focus my attention on the nature’s creatures living in this lake: swans and ducks.


The swans are elegant and graceful waterfowl (despite the impressive size), so difficult not to stop at least for a moment to observe their behaviour.

Consulting some websites, I discovered that the position portrayed in the picture, is an extreme “calm” position .. indeed, when the Royal Swan feels safe and fully relaxed, tends to swim with one leg and place the other on the back.

Another curiosity of these white feathered animals is their nickname of “mute swan”, being a species very quiet in comparison with their counterpart.

The swans are herbivores, mainly fond of aquatic plants and vegetation adjacent to the waters.

The large beak together with the position of the eyes rather lateral, limits the frontal view of the swan.

Therefore, it is necessary to rotate the head to get a complete overview of what happens in the immediate surroundings.

The Royals Swans were not the only inhabitants of the lake, there were in fact many ducks scattered like gems.

They populated the lake and created with their motion concentric circles of water.

Truly a relaxing sight! 20150805_163322logo

I was walking along the lake, when suddenly, hiding in a bush, I saw a creature of an intense and wonderful blue: it was a budgie!

Probably someone had lost it.. it looked so scared free in the “big’s” world.

Nature is a wonderful gift, take always a good care of it my dear readers.

“The compassion and empathy
for the smallest of the animals
is one of the noblest virtues
that a man can receive as a gift.”
Charles Darwin


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