I Love the Red Panda!

Have you ever noticed that the creators of the Firefox browser, using a reddish fox as logo?

I imagine you’re wondering why this question, well, I can quickly explain: it seems that in Chinese the red panda is identified with “fox fire” and this name seems to have been the inspiration for Firefox logo.

The red panda is a very sweet species of mammal that fills me with so much heart every time I see it.

Its tender snout with deep black eyes is so “innocent” in its expressions that makes it one of my favorite animals.

The head is perfectly round and the soft ears are well proportioned and colored in harmony with the rest of little body. When you look at its appearance, you can feel immediate tenderness.

I define it like a “living” soft toy with reddish hairs and robust limbs, quite handy to hide itself in case of necessity. IMG_3652logo

The favorite dish of red panda? Fresh bamboo just harvested! It also appreciate berries, fruits, mushrooms, roots, acorns and small birds, rodents, insects.

The claws of powerful limbs, slightly curved are necessary to climb, to extract roots and to pick fresh berries from trees and plants. The forelegs are quite curious: they have a kind of thumb that in reality it is not, but it is just an outgrowth of the bone of the wrist rather prolonged. Curious, isn’t it?    

When the puppy decides to climb down from a point to another, it turns often the snout down.

Thanks to rotation of the hind leg ankles, he can avoid to lose stability and consequently to fall down.

In this way, with its constant and firm gait, it can easily climb down to even the most complex slopes.. a real equilibrist!


There is another detail that struck me positively: these animals are extremely clean.

In fact, they begin each new day by taking care of their personal hygiene, licking limbs and scratching against the walls as to massage themselves .. or maybe combing (?).

I love these little puppies!

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