Family chatting: Parma Wallaby

Have you ever taken a picture and noticed later, looking at the photo, a detail you didn’t notice in the viewfinder?

Well, I’ll be honest, taking this picture, I thought I was photographing an already “perfect” moment between a couple of wallaby… but, have you seen the mistery guest?

Inside the pouch of this young mother, there is a puppy to wean.

The second shoot I inserted here above, you can see better the little snout!

How much beauty surrounds us? Just open your heart and leave yourself to be carried away.

You will be thrown in a breathtaking nature picture.

The breeds photographed are the Parma Wallabies, a herbivorous species from the Southern Australia, quite shy and lonely, beginning actively its day late in the afternoon.


They are the smallest marsupials category species and their weight can go from 3 to 6kg.

This species communicates by using several ways, including tail movements, smells, imitating sounds similar to cough and other bizarre and original ones.

Beside being professional “jumpers”, these sweet puppies have an excellent hearing; the harmonious pronounced ears allow them to pick up the smallest rustle.

Willing to get more details, I was pleasantly surprised by this information.. and tell me the nature is not amazing!

The wallaby female getting pregnant, gives birth to its baby after about 35 days of gestation and it holds in its pouch the newborn that can be fed without risks.

After a couple of days after the birth, the female is fertile again.

If the female gets pregnant again, the new embryo will remain in “stand-by”, just growing up till a certain point.

In this way, it will allow the previous born to complete the cycle of feeding inside the pouch.

When the puppy is ready to take its first steps autonomously, the embryo in “stand-by” will complete the growth cycle.

The puppy landed on the world, whenever needs a “snack break” will just feed itself in the pouch of its mother, until the weaning is finished.

Amazing nature!

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