Deer in Love

It was dawn.

Fog as far as the eye can see, some indefinite sound like a “mooing” covered by a touch of agony..the air of that morning was full of strong emotions.

Manifestations of magnificence masked by love songs, noisy gored, some wailing and some intimidating poses at the head of the herd.

It was you, human, the intruder of that occasion… you with your camera desiring to catch a gesture of love, you with your mimetic down jacket, hunched and motionless spectator of a wonderful nature.

What was my feeling? Intrusiveness, however my eyes could not stop admiring those innocent little snouts that turning their profile to the right and to the left, were trying to understand the reasons of the human presence.


At the meeting point, we got in a truck with a central bench and openness on both sides, essential and cold. The air freezes the whitish hands that were holding cameras with the most sophisticated lenses.

Let’s start.. the truck goes off track on hectares of protected parkland, occasionally it stops to allow tourists to catch some interesting “snaps”.

The thick fog begins to lift and you can now start to see little eyes.. there are fast legs too moving in search of refuge and others, astonished, stay motionless.. the human part of myself feels a great privilege: eye to eye with these amazing creatures, such an innocent love!!

The dances start with impressive roars and powerful poses.. absolute silence followed.

Some herd’s females seem to like, for others, it is necessary a confrontation “horns to horns.”

The sun now shines downstream and poem of love, whispered in a premature morning, become more tangible.

Hurrah for love, always and in any shape! 


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